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Rentable Spaces

We have two Practitioner Rooms, as well as a larger Event Space that are available to be rented.  These spaces can be rented for multiple purposes, not just by wellness practitioners.  We are happy to accommodate business meetings, birthday parties, family gatherings, etc., whatever your needs are.


Furnishings are flexible, we have multiple healing beds, anti-gravity chairs, tables, and chairs available.  For healing beds, you may provide your own linens, or linens can be provided (multiple sets, for changes between clients,) for which a laundry fee will be added to your rental cost.   Please discuss your furniture/linen needs when booking your rental.

All spaces have overhead fluorescent lighting.  This lighting can be turned off, and we have multiple lamps available to provide softer, lower-level lighting appropriate to your needs.

We are aware that many practitioners will be offering sessions where quiet is preferred.  We do our best to attempt to keep things as quiet as possible while these types of sessions are in progress, but please be aware that due to also being a functioning retail store, we cannot guarantee complete silence in the building during your rental period.  We ask all renters to be courteous, and avoid excessive noise that may be disruptive to those in other rooms.  Playing some soft music or white noise in your room is a great way to help block out external noises, and we have small bluetooth speakers that you may use if needed.  If you have special sound concerns, whether you need maximum quiet, or if your activities will be excessively loud, please discuss these when booking your rental, so that we can schedule according to when your needs can best be accommodated.

For further information such as pricing and availability, and to arrange viewing, please contact by phone at 306-559-0466. 

Practitoner Rooms

Our two practitioner rooms are each approximately 14-15 x 10.5 feet.

These rooms can be rented by the hour, or by the day.

Event Space

Our back room Event Space measures approximately 35 x 27 feet.  This room is semi-private, in that it is at the end of a hall that is closed off by a movable wood-panel divider, not a fully enclosed doorway.

This room can be rented by a 3-hour block, or by the day.

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