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Our Gift Shop contains a wide array of Wellness, Metaphysical, and other Gift items.  We will happily make Custom Jewelry pieces, and we also offer Jewelry Repairs.

We carry a wide variety of crystals/stones.  We have small and large raw specimens, tumble stones, wands, spheres, eggs, carved shapes, and much more.  Whether you are looking for crystals for gridding, personal use, healing treatments, decoration or any other use, we can likely help you find what you are looking for.  For more information/pictures, go to our Crystals/Rocks/Stones Page

We carry a variety of gemstone bead strands.  Our selection is not very extensive at this time, but we plan to expand it in the future.

We feature a large selection of Healing Crystal Jewelry that we hand-make ourselves.  In addition to the ready-made pieces in the shop, we will also make custom pieces.  Whether it is a design we already make, but in a different stone or with some other modification, or an idea you have for a completely unique piece, we would love to help create your perfect jewelry item.

We offer Jewelry Repair services.  We will of course do repairs if something goes wrong with an item we made, but we will also happily repair jewelry purchased elsewhere.  Just bring it in, and we will let you know if it is something we can help you with.

We carry Regina's largest selection of incense, and at the best prices too!  We also have a variety of burners and other incense accessories.

We carry a variety of different types of smudge and smudge accessories, such as smudge pots, shells, feathers, etc.

​We have a variety of books and charts on wellness and metaphysical topics, and a variety of Tarot and Oracle cards.

We have a selection of Gem Chip Trees, handmade by one of our owners.  If you're interested in a Gem Chip Tree and we don't have what you want, please ask, as she would be happy to make you a custom.

We carry a variety of other wellness/metaphysical products, from Altar Candles, Singing Bowls, Figurines/Trinkets, Runes Sets, Fragrance Oils, Crystal Balls, Crystal Water bottles, and more.




1818 McAra Street

Regina, SK  S4N 6C4

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