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Our Gift Shop contains a wide array of Wellness, Metaphysical, and other Gift items.  Click on a section title to be taken to a page with more information and pictures of items in that category.

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We carry a wide variety of crystals/stones.  We have small and large raw specimens, tumble stones, wands, spheres, eggs, carved shapes, and much more.  Whether you are looking for crystals for gridding, personal use, healing treatments, decoration or any other use, we can likely help you find what you are looking for.


​We have a variety of books on wellness and metaphysical topics, and a variety of Tarot, Oracle, and Inspirational cards.


We carry a variety of food, beverage, and supplement products:

  • Wheat Crunch from Dosch Organic Acres

  • Cacao Bars from Giddy-Yo

  • Ceremonial Cacao from Ora Cacao

  • Beverage Mixes and Supplements from Rasa Ayurveda

  • Teas, Herbs, and Dried Mushrooms from Boreal Heartland

  • Supplement Beverages and Teas from SunRider

  • Redmond Real Salt

  • Tamara's Wild Flower Honey

  • Hemp Flour, Coffee, Dietary Supplement, as well as a Dietary Supplement and Treats for Pets from Neuro Hemp Solutions


We carry a wide variety of incense in many formats, including sticks, cones, backflow cones, matches, powder, resin, and more.

We carry several types of smudge, including sage, sweetgrass, palo santo, as well as various combinations with other plants.

We have many different types of holders and dishes for burning all of the various types of incenses and smudges, as well accessories and supplies such as feathers, charcoal discs, and more.


We have a wide range of personal care products, many of which are hand-made locally. We have bath & body products, pain relief aids, Ayurvedic products, various massage tools, and more.


We carry a variety of other wellness/metaphysical products, from Altar Candles, Singing Bowls, Figurines/Trinkets, Runes Sets, Crystal Balls, Crystal Water bottles, and much, much more.

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