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Lee-Ann Hoeft  Such N Stuf

Reiki Master and Instructor

Lymphatic Drainage; Reiki Sessions; Access Bars; Crystal Healing; Card Readings; Tea Leaf Readings; Sound Healing & Sound Baths; Reiki Practitioner Training

Can be available for readings and healing sessions most days by appointment.  Walk-ins welcome, but it is best to phone first to check availability.

Teaches Reiki Practitioner Classes, Level 1, 2, 3, & Master.  Classes are usually scheduled upon request, so please ask!

Hosts Public Sound Baths usually a couple of times per month.  Can also be booked for Private Group Sound Baths.

Contact: 306-559-0466 (Such N Stuf)

NEW: Lymphatic Drainage
Super excited to have added this modality to my practice!

For the first 7 weeks (until end of July,) I'm offering half price sessions. That’s $50 instead of $100.

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Tameko Kezama  Minds Eye Yoga

A student of yoga since 2001, completed her Sattva yoga training under Rameen Peyrow (Sattva School of Yoga) in 2013. Additional training, workshops and practice in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga,  Meditation, Pranayama, Inner Engineering (Isha Yoga Institute) and Yoga Nidra.
Certified Reiki Master - Teacher Trainer, AromaTouch Technician, Practitioner in Energy Healing; Chakra Balance and Aura Cleansing, Crystal Therapy, Cord Cutting, as well as Oracle Cards.

Minds Eye Yoga      Email:      Phone: 306-737-4961

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Missy Heartsong  Ether Energy Arts & Education

Reiki Master

Shaman; Reiki; Access Bars; Pranic Energy Healing; Crystal Healing

Individual Healing Sessions
Group Meditation Circles
Classes & Workshops
Children's Events


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Jenna  Coach Jenna, RMT

We have an RMT with us! Her name is Jenna and has a background in Osteopathic-based Massage Therapy and fitness instructing. Jenna uses her passion for holistic wellness to help her clients realign, balance their bodies and reduce pain. 💪🏼
Jenna has a broad skill set in Manual Therapies including:
💪🏼 Myofascial stretching techniques
💆🏽‍♀️ Swedish + Deep Tissue Massage Therapy 
🦶🏼 Reflexology
🌿 Aromatherapy Massage
💆🏾‍♀️ Hot Stone Massage
🤰🏻Pregnancy + Postnatal Massage
🏃🏽Post Sports Massage

With her experience and passion for health and wellness, you can feel confident in receiving an efficient and effective treatment plan for your needs ✅

Check out her website here to request an appointment:

Direct Billing to Insurance Available

Text: 431-801-7709
Coach Jenna, RMT
1818 McAra St
Regina, SK 

Mike Waller Coaching.jpg

Mike Waller Coaching 

Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming);Master Timeline Therapy Practitioner; Personal Empowerment Coaching; Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching


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Bambi Blair Certified TRE Provider

Certified Biofeedback Specialist

Certified TRE Provider

As our bodies and environment change:

Stress Release, Resiliency, Willingness to Change and Adapt are the Keys

-Get some Keys- For Stress Release

More information about TRE can be found at and

For appointments, Contact Such N Stuf 306-559-0466


Shirley Robertson Gentle Hands - Facilitating Healing

CranioSacral Therapy level 11; Somato Emotional Release Therapy level11; Reiki Practitioner 2nd Degree

For appointments, Contact Such N Stuf 306-559-0466

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Joseph Healer Healing with Divine Rods

Help you release emotional, physical & spiritual pain

Clean, balance & align chakras

Identify & remove bad energies

Remove demons, ghosts & spirits

Take entities to the White Light

Cleansing the house, make your house positive & happy

Find Curry Lines on the groung

Turn land into positive energy

Return Energy Vortexes

Take all your pain away

Joseph attends Such N Stuf occasionally.  If you are interested in seeing Joseph, let us know and we will put you on the list for his next visit.


Contact Such N Stuf 306-559-0466

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Hello, my names Renuka, I am a certified Akashic Records Healer. I’m from India. 
I.          I specialize in helping people uncover the powerful information about themselves across time and space that is stored in their personal Akashic Records.
II.           Rather than specifying on anything Id like to mention " The Akashic Record belongs to YOU, therefore you may ask anything and seek Healing for what you want.
III.          For instance, my clients would ask regarding, Health, relationships, financial stability, Emotional traumas, past life healing, ancestral release, Future guidance and so on... 
IV.          Take away < Divine Gift > from this Reading & Healing session:
  Akashic Guided personalized Affirmations.
  Akashic Tarot reading (1 question) 
v.  If you're ready to explore the infinite possibilities that the Akashic Records have to offer, I invite you to schedule a session with me today.
Thank you … Much Love &Many Blessings 
Akashic Records Healer 
Psychic Healer, Spiritual healer
Reiki Master, psychic surgery
Transformational coach

For appointments, Contact Such N Stuf 306-559-0466

Tarot Cards _ Crystals



I am an Akashic Records Tarot Reader.

🕯 I offer tarot readings that connect you to the wisdom of the Akashic Records. 
🕯Moreover, as a tarot reader, I use guidance from the Akashic Masters and my intuition to interpret the cards and provide guidance and clarity to those seeking answers 

Why choose this healing modality: 
1- to gain insight and clarity into a particular situation or decision you are  facing.
2- Personal growth 
3- Tailor made solutions & much more 

Take away Gift from this session : 
# intuition and affirmation infused Crystal 
# Reiki Healing (1 session) 


Happy to help you ... 
Dr Parag Kate 
Akashic Records Tarot Healer
Reiki Master


For appointments, Contact Such N Stuf 306-559-0466

Vino Profile.jpg

Wholistic Healing Hub


Vino has re-located to Saskatoon, so does not attend Such N Stuf regularly.  However, he is open to coming to town if he has enough interest to make it worthwhile, so definitely contact him to let him know that you are interested in booking a session.  Alternately, if you are heading to Saskatoon, you can contact him to book a session there.


Wholistic Healing Hub offers Ayurvedic Purvakarma Treatments . Ayurveda - Ayur means life and veda means knowledge. In essence Ayurveda is knowledge of life.

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John Robertson WHIMSY in Wood, Glass and Fur

In addition to having many pieces of his beautiful woodworking and other handcrafted products for sale in our store, John also occasionally hosts Wood Spirits Carving Classes.  Upcoming scheduled classes can be found on our Event Calendar.  John will also host classes for private groups, contact Such N Stuf at 306-559-0466 if interested in booking.

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