We have a wide variety of practitioners and instructors who work with us in our Wellness Center. Basic Information can be found below about Practitioners who work with us on a fairly regular basis. We also sometimes have guest practitioners/instructors who are not listed on this page.  Please follow us on Facebook to stay informed about when these practitioners are in attendance.

All practitioners set their own schedules.


Deb the Seer

(Deborah Mathias)

Channeler; Automatic Hand Writer; Psychometry; Astral Projection/Travel; Energy Healer; Clairscentient; Past, Present, Future Psychic Readings

Deb The Seer has been gifted with the sight since a young child & has been doing readings since she was 16 years old.  She sees everything!
As a Channeler she can connect to all spirits & souls here on earth and... beyond. Through astral travel, there isn't a place she hasn't been.
Deb is available for readings any time, whether by phone or in person. Plus, when you make a purchase at Such N' Stuf while Deb is there, she will give you a Free Mini Aura Reading 

Available 7 days a week by appointment.  Happy to take walk-ins, but we advise that you call first to check that she is available.

Contact: 306-559-0466(Store) 306-533-1248 (Cell)

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Lee-Ann Hoeft

Reiki Master

Reiki; Access Bars; Crystal Healing; Card Readings

Available 7 days a week, afternoons and evenings, by appointment.  Walk-ins welcome, but it is best to phone first to check availability.

Contact: 306-559-0466 (Store)

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Tameko Kezama

A student of yoga since 2001, completed her Sattva yoga training under Rameen Peyrow (Sattva School of Yoga) in 2013. Additional training, workshops and practice in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga,  Meditation, Pranayama, Inner Engineering (Isha Yoga Institute) and Yoga Nidra.
Certified Reiki Master - Teacher Trainer, AromaTouch Technician, Practitioner in Energy Healing; Chakra Balance and Aura Cleansing, Crystal Therapy, Cord Cutting, as well as Oracle Cards.

Minds Eye Yoga      www.mindseyeyoga.com      Email: mindseyeyoga@myaccess.ca      Phone: 306-737-4961

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Wholistic Healing Hub


Wholistic Healing Hub offers Ayurvedic Purvakarma Treatments . Ayurveda - Ayur means life and veda means knowledge. In essence Ayurveda is knowledge of life.

Contact through Facebook

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Missy Heartsong

Reiki Master

Reiki; Access Bars; Pranic Energy Healing; Crystal Healing

Contact Such N Stuf (306-559-0466) to inquire

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Amy Dawns

Booking Appointments, contact directly at transforminnerhealing@gmail.com
Private Sessions for Heart Ceremony include:
1:1 and Couples

Benefits of a private Heart Ceremony: 
🦋Go Deeper 
🦋 1:1 Nurturing Space 
🦋 Let Go More
🦋 Increased Self Confidence with speaking 
🦋 Increased Vitality 
🦋 Hone in on Core Wounds and Roots
🦋 Increased Self Awareness
🦋 Heal Trauma
🦋 Connect soul - soul 
🦋 Move beyond the ego

1:1 Heart Ceremony: 90 minutes - $144 + applicable taxes. 
Journey with Sound Healing, Cacao, Voicing and other intuitive transformative exercises to assist in allowing more harmony between the heart and the head. Allowing your personality to align with your soul and expanding your possibilities and potential. Allowing all aspects of you to be met with radical love in each moment as you unfold. 
Couples Heart Ceremony: 111 minutes - $199 + applicable taxes. 
Journey with Sound Healing, Cacao, Voicing, and other intuitive exercises to assist in allowing more harmony with the energy shared between your hearts. Allowing more freedom to be, bridging more compassion as you move beyond the ego and connect more deeply, soul - soul. While all aspects of you are witnessed by each other and met with radical love in each moment as you unfold.

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Carly (Zuddhi Wellness)

GuaSha is a thousands of years ancient practice in China.It is a special technique to activate meridian and stimulate blood flow.  It is a very effective way to release the stagnation and toxins from the body and the mind. 
During the session, I will apply acurppresure and GuaSha on face, neck, shoulders,  upper chest and whole back area, then I will perform AromTouch Technique to apply 8 kinds of Doterra essential oil along the spine, followed by a hot compress on the back. While you are enjoying the compress, I will apply GuaSha on back of the legs and work on some meridian point for the legs and feet.
It is about 1 hour 10 to 20 minutes for each session.
For the benefit details:
- Promote blood circulation
- Reduce fine lines and winkles
- Improve contouring and sculpting of facial features
- Release tension and stagnation in muscle tissues
- Stimulate lymphatic drainage
- Invigorate energy and Qi flow in meridians
- Enhance natural immune system
- Offer intensive detoxifications for body and mind
- Restoring physical and mental balance

For more details or booking in a session, please text Carly @ 1-306-861-2668 or email: zuddhiwellness@hotmail.com

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Mike Waller Coaching 

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Aquarian Acres


Reflexology healing through pressure points on the feet

Contact through Facebook

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Spiritual Journey


Tarot, Oracle and Card Readings. Have a Tarot Reading or an Oracle Reading. Ordinary Card Readings, having the hand dealt to you. Spirit works through the cards to let you know what is arriving shortly within your life.

Bookings available through Facebook

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Tess Boehm, Independent Distributor Young Living Essential Oils Regina

Tess's Young Living Essential Oils and other products are stocked for sale at Such N Stuf.

Workshops on the benefits and uses of Essential Oils; Zyto scans

See Calendar for Dates

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