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Indian Head Massage
It’s one of the ancient form of massages which has its root in Ayurveda ( also known as science of life ) which orginated in India about 4000 years ago. In a Indian Head Massage session the client is in a seated position , fully clothed.
Clients upper back ,shoulders, arms, neck, head,scalp and face are massaged. A special blend of warm oil is used for the head massage. (Optional).
The Indian head massage works on the physical body, emotional body and the subtle body. It helps in balancing the three upper chakras of the body.
Benefits of Indian Head Massage
Helps to relieve stress and anxiety
Helps in reducing Insomnia
Helps in preventing Migraines and Head aches
Relaxes the whole body
Helps in grounding your mind
Ayurvedic Foot Massage
Pada abhyanga
Ayurvedic foot massage is a combination of foot massage , marma therapy and kasa bowl techniques.
According to Ayurveda massaging once feet is akin to massaging entire body.
Kasa bowl is an special metal bowl which will help in detoxification of the body.
Ayurvedic foot massage will help in balancing the energies , relaxing the nervous system, improving blood and lymp circulation. Helps in balancing the emotional aliments .
And we can put a legal disclaimer
Indian Head Massage
$ 45
Ayurvedic Foot Massage
$ 70
Per hour
And they can have head massage and foot massage for
$ 111

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