We have a wide variety of practitioners and instructors who work with us in our Wellness Center. Basic Information can be found below. Click on underlined names to be taken to a more in-depth page about the services provided by that practitioner.

All practitioners set their own schedules, so it is best to contact them directly to book an appointment.

Deb the Seer

(Deborah Mathias)

Channeler; Automatic Hand Writer; Psychometry; Astral Projection/Travel; Energy Healer; Clairscentient; Past, Present, Future Psychic Readings

Available 7 days a week by appointment.  Happy to take walk-ins, but we advise that you call first to check that she is available.

Contact: 306-559-0466(Store) 306-533-1248 (Cell)

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Lee-Ann Hoeft

Reiki Master

Reiki; Access Bars; Crystal Healing; Card Readings

Available 7 days a week, afternoons and evenings, by appointment.  Walk-ins welcome, but it is best to phone first to check availability.

Contact: 306-559-0466 (Store)

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MFC Energy Medicine

(Martin F. Croteau)

Medical Intuitive & Psychic:  Energy Healing for Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Challenges; Gentle Mind-Body-Spirit Alignment; Intuitive sharing for Guides, Angels & Past Life; Astral-Projection.

Appointments booked by phone only

Contact: 306-596-2783

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Aquarian Acres


Reflexology healing through pressure points on the feet

Contact through Facebook

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Indian Head Massage; Ayurvedic Foot Massage; Cacao Ceremonies and Drum Circles

Contact through Facebook

See events schedule for upcoming ceremonies

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Spiritual Journey


Tarot, Oracle and Card Readings. Have a Tarot Reading or an Oracle Reading. Ordinary Card Readings, having the hand dealt to you. Spirit works through the cards to let you know what is arriving shortly within your life.

Bookings available through Facebook

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Sealy's Equine Therapies

(Hilary Sealy)

Canine and Feline treatments including Acupuncture, Acupressure, Tui Na and/or Gua Sha

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Simply Inspired Coaching & Facilitation

(Jolie Engelbrecht)

Certified Life Coaching

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Cory Nagy

Paranormal Expert

​Lead Paranormal Investigator & Co-host P.A.S.T. TV series, the hit show on Access 7; Instructor of Ghost Investigator in Training; Investigates your home and business properties, determining the intentions of the spirit, plus clears the unwanted spirit/ghost

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Readings by Bobby

Psychic & Psychic Medium

I have been connecting with spirit since I was a child. My sole purpose in life  is to help people. Also to guide souls through  life. Often During a reading you can expect me to Astral Travel & Astral Project

Accepts appointments and walk-ins.  Contact Such N Stuf (306-559-0466) for availability

Missy Heartsong

Reiki Master

Reiki; Access Bars; Pranic Energy Healing; Crystal Healing

Contact Such N Stuf (306-559-0466) to inquire

Tracy Hockridge

Transformation Coach; Body Talk; Matrix Kinetix; Belief System Release

Contact Such N Stuf (306-559-0466) to inquire

Felicity Butler

Hosts weekly meditations, which will be posted on Such N Stuf's Facebook page 

Tess Boehm, Independent Distributor Young Living Essential Oils Regina

Workshops on the benefits and uses of Essential Oils; Zyto scans

See Calendar for Dates

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Artistic Designs by Cindy

Acrylic Art Classes

See Calendar for Dates

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